JD Glow Cosmetics Brand Review + Swatches

I really can’t believe how underrated this brand is?!

Their products are amazing and the brand itself is a brand I will continue to give my money to and I’ll get it why in 3,2,1…


  • September 22 I placed my order (late night of course, we all know how THAT goes)
  • September 25 I got a shipping confirmation that my order was on the way
  • September 29 I received THE GLORY THAT BE MY ORDER (virtual hand rub)



  • I have never seen such pretty packaging for lipsticks in my LIFE!! (insert in love emoji here) Talk about feeling like royalty!
  • Not a fan of the packaging of the highlighters at all, especially since it’s hard to depot them to put in my z palette in fear of breaking them.
  • The eyeshadows come pan only, and I love that because I can put them in my z palette, note: these shadows are the same pan size as Makeup Forever Eyeshadows.


Q U A L I T Y 

  • The lipstick formula is not my favorite for Dayuum & LGBT I think it’s because they are more metallic and Cranberry is a matte. All lipsticks are opaque and they have a slight sweet scent to them. Again Cranberry is a matte so it is more opaque than the metallics.
  • OMG!! These highlighters are SO creamy it’s insane! There is truly something special with these highlighters when it comes to the formula. Beyonce is my favorite because it’s a color I don’t have in my collection. I can’t confirm this but I don’t think these highlights last very long (meaning expiration date) because of how creamy they are it’s almost like they are cream to powder type of formula. Another thing is the fact that you should go light with these because they are INTENSE. Seriously. They aren’t super fine meaning they do have some glitter chunks but it’s not a big deal to me since 1. I have tons of other variety when it comes to highlights. 2. I love an intense highlight. What can I say? I live life on the edge.
  • I love the color selection of the eyeshadows. These shadows are extremely creamy and opaque. Using your finger with these shadows work amazing but using a brush works amazing as well, especially when wetting the brush a little bit first. I mentioned before that these eyeshadows are very comparable to the Makeup Forever Eyeshadows, pan size wise. I got a few different finishes with the eyeshadows but I don’t remember them specifically.

S W A T C H E S 







The last purple shade is called PURPLE PASSION.



O V E R A L L   T H O U G H T S 

Like I said in the beginning of this post, I will be buying from them again. I really love how through this brand is. Considering that this is a up and coming brand and their products are NOT made in a factory, and actually made in their KITCHEN yet every product I received was of excellent quality; especially for the price. Shipping is good. Price is good. Quality is good. Bonus points that they are BLACK OWNED. I really don’t understand why this brand doesn’t get more recognition because it’s a damn good brand. Hopefully you guys will go support and add some bomb products to your collections and thank me later. That’s pretty much it hopefully the swatches are a good guy to know what is what, and also make sure to check out their Instagram: jdglowcosmetics to see live video swatches and new products they are coming out with!


Until Next Time,











8 thoughts on “JD Glow Cosmetics Brand Review + Swatches

  1. I love sizzle and copper. I have been looking for dupes of fireball from makeup geek b/c i wasn’t feeling that $12 price. @_* loving these!!!


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