ColourPop Cosmetics Issues Apology For Offensive Shade Names.

Damn, pretty soon I’m not going to have any brands to support, my list and savings account is filling up honey!

I just wanted to come share my thoughts on the ColourPop Cosmetics situation and why I will NOT be buying from them anymore. This has been coming for some time now actually.

Honestly I have been suspect about ColourPop since I first noticed how they do collaborations. After that I started to withdraw how much I ordered from them. I think it’s VERY odd they do the same collaborations with certain people, and they have done MULTIPLE products with most girls except the black ones, then on top of that they completely took the  itsmyrayeraye “collection” away. I don’t know why they did that but it’s pretty suspect to me.

Some may debate me on this (please bring facts when you do) but white supremacy + beauty goes hand in hand. Hence why black women get HALF the recognition as white women in the beauty community. People may be scared to say this but I am not. White supremacist ways are all up and through the beauty community and it is shown in various ways. Most of these ways are passive so if you don’t have your third eye open you can overlook it, just like they overlook our foundations shades but I digress.

The point of the matter is this was NOT a coincidence. White supremacist try to see how much they can get away with. If black people did not take offense to this, then the naming would have remained and next time they would have done something more offense.



Another thing is I saw some comments saying people are reading too much into it, and THAT’S the problem of why we are in the position we are in NOW. In my opinion we don’t read ENOUGH into it at all. These people have a job to sit and THINK (MAJOR key word) of names to FIT the shades & product. Most of the time it’s supposed to be fun and cute. When THINKING of a name for darker shades, does Type (the DARKEST SHADE) sound anything similar to cute (the LIGHTEST shade) Gummy Bear? It doesn’t take much thinking when your third eye is open to LOOK at this picture and READ into the true message being SENT. Again white supremacist are slick, it’s all about being subtle and making people THINK there is nothing wrong, when in actuality there is plenty to see in the TRUE message. A follower commented that it’s interesting that they call one of the lighter shades “OFTEN” these are things we need to think about. The little messages always compliment the BIG message which we all may try to pretend doesn’t exist in order to keep some sort of self esteem of the already low self esteem we have which is WHITE WOMEN ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL. Which is why the person who THOUGHT of these names THOUGHT to name the LAST SHADE a typo.


Anyway let me get my high ass onto other things, but let me know down in the comments what you think about this, regardless if we agree to disagree it’s nice to open the dialogue to something that seems to be hushed up in the beauty community. “With dialogue and solutions comes CHANGE.” -Me.


Signing off,

Simply Cheryl



4 thoughts on “ColourPop Cosmetics Issues Apology For Offensive Shade Names.

  1. As a marketer in the beauty industry…when I say we vet every single thing we put out in the market place we VET. This clear depiction of not given TWO whole f&$ks is the reason business fail even the independent once. I have experienced people of the white race make the effort in my world to simply just ask the question. For heaven sakes money is 1 universal color of green and if you only want that one kind of green then as a business you don’t want success. Well I ain’t missing that coin $6 here or there…to the garbage they go!

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  2. Preach girl! I’ve purchased ColourPop items in the past and the lip shades I’ve brought were so far off from their arm swatches on their website. I definitely hate their return policy which is why I tend to stay away from buying from this brand, but this is the final straw. It is not a secret that black women buy the most makeup, but brands needs to show us that they’re thinking of us when making products for us. And cater to us with different shades and undertones. These shades names are just awful and a slap in the face Just like you Cheryl, I’m done with this brand!


  3. Girlahh i came to your page just to see if you knew about it…hence I’m late. I’ve never made a purchase from them, and now i never will. The DISRESPECT or shade some will call it is too real. Sadly some will still support and purchase this product because its cheap….


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