My Everyday Life Palette

Hey Guys!!

Loooooooong time no see! There has been so much going on but I wanted to get back into the swing of things with this blogging, I really like doing it and it’s a way for me to be able to share even more with you guys! Let’s face it there is only so much I share on YouTube and still not share it all.

I wanted to show your guys my everyday palette in this post to give you a idea of the everyday things I use. I personally do not have TIME to be trying to find everything all the time, I’m a simple girl but I do have A LOT of makeup & I just needed something simple & quick so I won’t be frustrated when I’m in a rush (which is usually) also I travel quite often (about once a month) and I just got sick of having to put everything together it’s just SUCH a hassle, so here I have my EVERYDAY LIFE PALETTE!

So the theme for me with this palette was to have most of the products I need in this palette except for lipsticks of course, let’s go through shall we?


EYESHADOWS- I’m a neutral girl. I don’t like a lot of color on my eye, and I love warm shades especially for everyday. I wanted to place HIGH QUALITY shadows that would last all day & not get muddy or disappear off the lid. So I have mostly my Makeup Forever shadows in this palette. As you can see the Makeup Forever shadows are way bigger than a regular shadow yet still fit in this palette fine. For anyone wondering this is the big Z Palette meaning the largest size they offer. You can find Z Palettes on

* LB is Looxi Beauty/ MUG is Makeup Geek/ CS is Coastal Scents

CONTOUR & BAKING- I personally don’t use a lot of cream products to contour and I guess for good reason as you can’t put them in a palette like this without them drying out. I picked two of my favorite shades, the one by Fashion Fair is more of a bronzer as it is pretty red tone but it has this gorgeous look on the skin, and blends effortlessly. The La Femme Blush on the other hand is a straight up contour shade, and can you guys believe it was less than $5?! You can find La Femme on Camera Ready Cosmestics, I wanted to put two contours in this palette just to give me options from when I wanna do everyday bronzer to flawless face contour. Now when it comes to setting my concealer, I need something that will last all day, and won’t cake up and the Sephora Bright Set Powder has proved itself time and time again. This is truly my go to powder for setting under the eye & baking. WOC Friendly & vey build able I do “bake” with this powder and it blends out like a dream. I also have it in compact for because when traveling having loose powder is a hassle. Also loose powder clearly can’t be put into a Z Palette so… they do have the option of loose if you prefer but I do encourage you guys to try this powder out!

HIGHLIGHT & BLUSH- Lastly I have my blush & highlight, now I will admit it was hard for me to narrow down my highlight to one, but I asked myself which highlight have I grabbed and used the most and hands down MAC Gold Deposit has been a staple for YEARS. You really can’t go wrong here. I do sometimes carry another highlight with me if I’m traveling or something just because but it’s nice to have my go to depotted & ready to be used at all times. Now for the blush it was super simple I only really use two blushes on the regular & that’s MAC Raizin & BB Cranberry. I opted for Cranberry because I don’t always wear blush so when I do I like a little more color and Raizin is pretty but it’s just a brown blush with reddish undertones something I could get bored with plus the BB Cranberry is smaller so it fit perfectly. I wanna mention I got the BB Cranberry blush a long time ago at Nordstrom so I’m not sure if they still carry it or is the name or shade has changed but I’m sure you can find something similar as this isn’t a groundbreaking color or anything, if you can’t find it I would suggest to still check BB for other colors along with NARS & MAC.

So that’s pretty much it, I just wanted to share what I am carrying everyday for makeup, down the line some of these things may change (wayyyy down the line) I made this palette so I can carry it for a while, so that is another reason why it’s so neutral it can transition from any season & any occasion, DAY TO NIGHT, EVERYDAY TO GLAM it’s very versatile. I encourage you to find what colors you gravitate to and put them together in a palette to make life much easier! 🙂





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