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I wanted to come to you & tell you about my experience with Morphe Brushes & is it too hyped to be good. First off this isn’t to bash the company, you really shouldn’t have to say that when your about to say something negative about a company but that’s politics…

I have been wanting the Morphe 350 Palette for a while now, but every time I went to get it, I always got hit with “sold out” fast forward about a month ago I just got done doing some online shopping and I go to check Instagram and a fresh post from Trendmood1 stated the palette was back in stock! My credit card was still sitting at my computer, so I ran to the site & there it was!! So I placed my order and waited because I was already aware that Morphe Brushes seems to have a longer processing time. About a week later I finally got my palette I was so excited I ran down to our leasing office happy af. Whenever I get that email I “you have a package” little endorphins of happiness jolt through my body, it’s weird guys I know. Anyway I open the package & to my surprise I found this:


I was pretty disappointed but I understand things happen, so I call Morphe and after a long wait I explain the situation, they tell me in such a nonchalant way to email a certain email address and show them pictures of your broken palette & they will get back to you after they review it. I personally thought that wasn’t very customer service friendly. Other companies don’t really do that, well the ones who have AMAZING customer service. However I obliged & sent my picture to the designated email address. After a couple hours I get a confirm my email was received & they will send me a replacement shadow. Ok. Cool.

No email was sent out to tell me the shadow shipped anything so I got it pretty random. I go to put the shadow in my palette & move about my day. I realized down the line the shadow that was sent to me isn’t the shadow that originally comes in the palette, I didn’t pay it too much mind because that was probably going to be one of those shadows that I wasn’t going to use anyway. A week or two later I decided after I did a eye tutorial that I really liked the palette despite it coming damaged & the mediocre customer service. So I ordered the 35P & 35T palette. Then a day later I turned around & ordered the 35K palette. Yeah I was addicted. After about a week I all three palettes, I was excited once again so I am tearing through the packaging to get to my new babies, and after opening the 35P & 35T palette I was left to open the 35k palette but I quickly realized my 35K palette was dirty or at least that’s what I thought…


I quickly pulled out my snapchat to complain about how dirty the outside of the palette was, as I opened the package I realized it was even dirtier. I then start thinking maybe a shadow has broken but I didn’t want it to be true ONE again another damaged palette. I open the package & the black shadow is broken. I’m crushed. I tell my experience on snapchat & then call Morphe once again. This time around the CSR I talked to was just rude, so much so I had to get a supervisor but I wasn’t going to get anywhere with her attitude. I send my pictures to the supervisors email because I told you guys before about the policy they had. I was complaining to her that this is my second palette that has come broken & it’s quite frustrating because the rude agent before told me I would have to wait until they file a claim with FedEx  & then they can send me another palette. Mind you I wasn’t even told this before when my first palette came defective.

After about literally an hour on the phone of being placed on hold the supervisor finally agreed to send me the palette because this was the second time I received a broken palette. Like why did that have to take an hour to agree to this simple request? I realized that I won’t be ordering anything else from this company because their customer service sucks, & I am one of those people who customer service will make or break if I shop at a place. I really could get into every thing we talked about on the phone because a lot of it was ridiculous but I’ll just tell you a few things that I thought were odd.

1. The way they package the products are complete trash. There are bound to be broken packages because they literally use little bubble wrap and they put literally one palette in a HUGE box if you order one thing. They use the same box as if they ship two or three palettes. I really thought that was odd & then when you complain & call in their excuse is it’s not their fault it’s FedEx, when it’s really the packaging.

2. No one says the same thing, and are very unwilling to really do much to help you & if you go to their Facebook which I should have done before you will see what I’m talking about & how bad it is.

This is the reason I never came back to YouTube & talked about them again because I can’t stand behind this company. I think they are growing but their customer service and policies aren’t. I also think the shadows outside of the 35O palette are very average. They don’t last on my lid even with a primer, and the colors in the other palettes are more so a meh. It’s not worth it to me, but everyone hypes them though. So that’s that guys I hope you take caution when ordering with them, especially if your outside of the USA.

• So that’s it guys that’s my experience with the company. If you have had good experience with them that’s great this is just my experience doesn’t mean everyone might have problems even though there are a lot of people complaining on Facebook as well.

Oh & I did receive my replacement 35K in good condition.


⇢Left To Right: 35K, 35T, 350, 35P


Cheryl • Christine


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