My Thoughts On Black Women & The Beauty Industry

Hey Babes,

So I thought I would do something a little different on my blog my writing about things that are candid, real, & unfiltered. Things that may not get talked about a lot and things I would love to voice my opinion on. A lot of you found me through YouTube and I would love to talk about things on my channel but I won’t too much for the simple reason of people didn’t come to my channel for that, a lot of you came for makeup, fashion and body confidence, and I don’t want to take the focus off that because I feel that alone is growing into a beautiful thing. HOWEVER, on my blog it’s a different ball game & I am able to write whatever I want whenever I want and you get to see a different side of me.

I do want to give a DISCLAIMER: These are my thoughts and opinions and I am sharing them on my blog, if you don’t agree please be respectful and voice your opinion without being rude or unkind, there is no need for it and we all don’t have to agree these are just my thoughts…

So now that that’s out of the way I am ready to lay it all out, I’ll try to do it as organized as possible so it doesn’t seem like I’m all over the place.

WHAT PROMPTED ME TO WRITE THIS BLOG POST: So as we all know a very popular YouTuber came out with a beauty product (highlighter) with a well known makeup brand. It’s always very exciting to see YouTuber get such a amazing opportunity and I will not take away from that ever at all. People work VERY hard on their channels and I know for a fact it’s hard work, especially the more you grow.

I went into Sephora and wasn’t going in for the highlight, but decided to see it while I was there if they had it. Luckily they had it! I swatched it and didn’t like it on my skin tone. I felt it was ashy and I didn’t get it, was I sad? No. Hell it saved me $38 bucks! I also realized who was making it. Now this isn’t to through shade or anything at all but clearly I am a beautiful brown black women and the creator is white. I took no offense and kept it moving.

Now the reason I decided to write about this is because I saw lots of comments of people who were a little let down by the fact that the highlight wasn’t made for deeper skin. I also saw a popular black YouTuber who did a video about the highlight and basically the beauty industry. Now I agreed with her to a certain extent, but I wanted to give you the before so that when I get to this part you down the line you will understand what exactly I’m talking about.

I tried to keep names out of it because that’s not the focus of me writing this post.

Why is it that black women/people seek validation from other races? Why is it that we can’t trust our own? Why is it that your more incline to spend money and non black business more than black business? Why is it that if I show a product from a white business no one bats an eye to ask too many questions, but when it’s a black business there are SO many questions?

For me all of this is weird, as this isn’t how I was raised. I DO NOT seek validation from ANYONE other than myself. If I did seek validation from anyone it would be from black people as that is the community I am apart of. Other races are unapologetic and will never try to seek anything from you to validate who they are so why are you? As an ORIGINAL why do you seek anything? No I’m not against other races, at all. Justice & equality for all. BUT I LOVE MY PEOPLE. I LOVE ME. I LOVEEEEEE BEING BLACK. I’M CONFIDENT BECAUSE I’M BLACK. MY SKIN DEEP AND RICH, MY LIPS FULL FORCE, MY MIND FULL OF KNOWLEDGE AND SELF WORTH. Again I have NO problem with anyone, but I will NOT DUMB MYSELF DOWN OR ACCEPT SCRAPS TO MAKE SOMEONE ELSE FEEL COMFORTABLE, for I am a QUEEN and that is not my worth.

Beauty brands knowing or NOT knowing do NOT support us. They do not acknowledge us. Yet they will take our money quickly. They acknowledge your money but not your color. Let that sink in.

There is a reason why we are not represented and I FEEL it’s on purpose, but because black women are accepting of it nothing will EVER CHANGE. Everyone is trying to kiss ass, or be the token to try and solve this problem. This problem is not going to be solved by us TELLING THESE BUSINESS THEY NEED TO MAKE ARE SHADE WE HAVE BEEN DOING THAT AND HAS IT HAPPEN YET? This problem will be solved by 1. BOYCOTTING BEAUTY BRANDS WHO DO NOT CARRY FOR WOMEN OF COLOR. 2. Building our OWN PEOPLE UP to have brands that cater to us and buy from OUR OWN. That is the only way I personally see any change coming. People need to stand up and stop receiving what THEY GIVE YOU.


I will also not jump on trends as well, I will take my money and invest it in myself & my community. This is not to say I won’t by makeup but I will really make use of what I have and buy things that are suited for my skin tone, and I don’t have to make them work.

For now that’s all my thoughts on this topic sorry if I was a little scatterbrain it’s pretty late and I really just wanted to express how I feel about this topic. I watched on black YouTuber say that the consumer should write the companies and TELL THEM WHAT WE WANT, like they don’t already know. They know where their money comes from, they know that they SHOULD include WOC they just don’t because that’s what they think of us & I’m personally not here for it. We shouldn’t have to work harder, yet pay the same price to get the same service as others. That’s not equality…


Cheryl Christine


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